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Manrose XF150 Ceiling / Wall – Options Available

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Manrose XF150 Ceiling / Wall – Options Available

Models | 150
Model Options | Standard | Auto Shutters | Auto Shutters & Timer | PIR Sensor
Type | Ceiling / Wall Exhaust Fan
Hole Size | 150mm
Colours | White
Airflow (Capacity) | 230m3/hr

The Manrose XF150 is a 150mm wall or ceiling mounted exhaust fan. Available in different models (see model options above).

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Product Description

The Manrose XF150 is a range of 150mm ceiling or wall mounted exhaust fan designed for simple installation with an extraction rate of 230m3/hr.

The range is ideally suited for use in domestic and commercial applications manufactured in high quality ABS thermoplastic for strength and durability.

It is recommended to achieve a minimum of 10 air changes per hour in a bathroom, toilet or laundry, to remove excess moisture. To work out the recommended capacity needed for your room, calculate the volume of air in the room ( length x width x height, all in meters) and multiply this by the number of air changes to get the required air volume of the fan. (This will be adequate in most normal situations. We recommend that those clients who install in a bathroom who have a lot of glass and prefer to have warmer showers should get a fan double or more the recommended capacity.)

Models (with Capacity value)

All models have a capacity of 230m3/hr (63.89l/s)
150mm Standard
150mm with Auto shutters (Electric shutters to prevent backdrafts)
150mm with Auto Shutters and Timer (Electric shutters to prevent backdrafts and run on timer 1-20 min)
150mm with PIR Sensor (Motion Sensor Incorporated)

Colour Available



    The XF150/150A series of 150mm (6″) extractor fans can be wall or ceiling mounted and there are two models available in this range.
    The XF150 model has a fixed louvre internal grille, whilst the automatic model the XF150A, has thermo-activated internal shutters which open 45 seconds after the fan has been switched on.

Manrose Warranty

Manrose XF150 SEC0120
The manufacturer offers a 1 year replacement warranty (conditions apply).

**Fan & components must be installed by Qualified Persons unless a lead and plug is fitted for a DIY installation**

Additional Information

Exhaust Fan Type

Ceiling Exhaust Fan

Model Option

150 Standard, 150 with Auto Shutters, 150 with Auto Shutters & Timer, 150 with PIR Sensor

Airflow / Capacity (m3/hr)


Average dBA at 3m








Shape (face)



PIR Sensor, Timer




The manufacturer offers a 1 year replacement warranty (conditions apply).

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