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Air / Heat Transfer Kit – 1 to 1 Room (Short Duct Run)

Universal Fans Store » Air / Heat Transfer Kit – 1 to 1 Room (Short Duct Run)

Air / Heat Transfer Kit – 1 to 1 Room (Short Duct Run)

Air / Heat Transfer Kit – 1 to 1 Room (Short Duct Run)

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Model | Axial Fan
Fan Size | 150mm
Airflow (Capacity) | 358m3/hr

Insulated Ducting – Quality European made Axial Fan – Everything you need to install

This heat transfer kit is designed to service one room from one intake room.

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Product Description

The Heat Transfer Kit (1 – 1 room) is designed to transfer air from one room to one room. The kit consists of an intake vent, one outlet vent and everything in between you will need to set up a successful air transfer system. This can work very well and is very energy efficient, as the system utilizes heat that would otherwise be wasted in heating an already hot room. It also uses some of the warm air that would just accumulate near the ceiling. The system uses very little power, about 10 times less than an electric heater. This is important for energy conservation, low running costs and for people who generate their own electricity.

Heat Transfer Kit Contains

1 x VKO 150 Inline Fan – EXVUVKO150
1 x 6m High Quality Insulated duct R1.0 Rated – EDI01506M10
2 x 150mm Plastic Cone Vent – EVVUC150
1 x Duct tape – EATAPED
1 x Hanging tape – EATAPEH

1 X Thermostat (Optional Accessory)

Fan Specifications

Capacity: 358 m3/hr (99 l/s)
Max pressure: 105 Pa
Power used: 36 Watts
Noise: 42 dBA
Weight: .8 kg
IP rating: IPX4


2 Year Replacement (conditions apply).

About the Thermostat (If selected)

The thermostat does not use batteries.

0-30 degrees.

It is usually placed in the same room as the heater so it will turn on the fan once that room is warm and the extra heat can be taken to other rooms. Once the temperature drops, because to much heat has been taken or the heater has been turned off, the thermostat will turn off the fan.

Note: Electrician Required

**Fan & components must be installed by Qualified Persons unless a lead & plug is installed in which case the fan can be DIY installed**

Additional Information

Airflow / Capacity (m3/hr)



2 Year Replacement Warranty


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