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Inline Fan – Elicent AXC Metal Centrifugal – Size Options

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Inline Fan – Elicent AXC Metal Centrifugal – Size Options

Models | 100, 125, 150, 200, 250, 315 (9 Models)
Type | Centrifugal Inline Exhaust Fan
Colours | Grey
Airflow (Capacity) | From 250m3/hr to 1850m3/hr (Lots of models)

Ductable – Centrifugal Motor – Reliable Motor – Italian Design

The AXC centrifugal inline range are made in Italy. The motors are ball bearing and are designed for commercial use.

Inline fan accessories

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Product Description

The Elicent AXC Metal Centrifugal Inline Fan is an Italian made, high quality centrifugal inline fan which can be used for a wide range of commercial, industrial or domestic applications.

Sizes (with Capacity value)

AXC metal inline fan dimensions

AXC 100B – 100mm Ducting (250m3/hr or 69.44 L/s)
AXC 125B – 125mm Ducting (325m3/hr or 90.28 L/s)
AXC 150A – 150mm Ducting (400m3/hr or 111.11 L/s)
AXC 160A – 150mm Ducting (440m3/hr or 122.22 L/s)
AXC 150B – 150mm Ducting (530m3/hr or 147.22 L/s)
AXC 160B – 150mm Ducting (700m3/hr or 194.44 L/s)
AXC 200B – 200mm Ducting (980m3/hr or 272.22 L/s)
AXC 250 – 250mm Ducting (1120m3/hr or 311.11 L/s)
AXC 315B – 315mm Ducting (1850m3/hr or 513.89 L/s)

AXC Accessories Available

Flexible Duct
Large selection of vents (internal and external)
Wide range on inline fan accessories

Elicent AXC Exhaust Fan Features

  • Suitable for domestic, commercial or industrial applications.
  • Easy solution for a centralised / multipoint ventilation need: one unit to exhaust from different rooms.
  • High performances and pressure to overcome the resistance caused by long length ducting.
  • Heavy-gauge, spun steel housing with baked epoxy finish inside and outside.
  • External junction box contains connections.
  • Backward curved blades to ensure the lowest possible sound and to develop ample static pressure.
  • Durable external rotor motor provided with non-self-resetting thermal cut-out.
  • Ball bearing motor, permanently lubricated for maintenance-free operation and continuous running.
  • Fan and motor assembly balanced for quiet and vibration-free operation.

Elicent Warranty

The AXC Centrifugal Fan offers a 2 year replacement warranty (conditions apply).

**Fan & components must be installed by Qualified Persons unless a lead & plug is installed in which case the fan can be DIY installed**

Additional Information

Exhaust Fan Type

Inline Exhaust Fan

Model Option

AXC 100B, AXC 125B, AXC 150A, AXC 150B, AXC 160A, AXC 160B, AXC 200B, AXC 250, AXC 315B

Motor Type


Airflow / Capacity (m3/hr)

1120m3/hr, 1850m3/hr, 250m3/hr, 325M3/HR, 400m3/hr, 440m3/hr, 530m3/hr, 700m3/hr, 980m3/hr










The manufacturer offers a 2 year replacement warranty (conditions apply).


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