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Using exhaust fans to create adequate ventilation is critical in maintaining a healthy home. Ventilation has an important purpose in your bathroom, laundry, kitchen, subfloor and roof areas especially to help prevent the accumulation of moisture. An exhaust fan will expel the humid air before the moist air turns into mould or mildew as these can cause serious issues for your home including structural rotting.

An exhaust fan is also beneficial in removing smells, smoke and heat and encouraging good air circulation within a room. With an inline exhaust fan you can also transfer warm or cool air from one room to another for efficient heating and cooling.

Here at Universal Fans we are a specialist fan shop and therefore have a wide range of products to suit different needs. From residential bathroom exhaust fans to commercial fans, 3-in-1 fans to inline exhaust fan systems, we have it all. We cater for both home projects to large commercial projects and offer the best prices on exhaust fans.

We have many models for you to see at our Melbourne showroom – feel free to call prior to make sure we have a specific model available to view.