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Latest News

April 2017: Efficient DIY Heat Transfer Kits From $175! – Take the chill out of the air this winter with an economical air transfer system. You may not realise just how much heat you are wasting when you heat a room. Unless you are an astronaut with a zero gravity room, the heat you produce through a fireplace or heater will rise to the ceiling. [Read More…]

October 2016: Spyda Ceiling Fan – Get ready for Summer 2016/17 – The Ventair Spyda 49” (124cm) Ceiling Fan is an example of superior and balanced performance. Quality and durability is a key focus with quality Japanese bearings which help to ensure a longer life span and smooth operation. The 75 W AC motor also features the latest true-spin technology resulting in low noise levels whilst operating. [Read More…]

October 2016: Mercator City and Manly – Ceiling Fan Choices Made Easy – If you’re looking for a low profile and energy efficient option for an indoor space, then we suggest the Mercator City DC 52” (132cm) ceiling fan. It’s the ideal selection for those rooms with lower ceilings. The Mercator Manly DC Ceiling Fan demonstrates high performance capabilities and is perfect for those who are looking for an energy saving option. [Read More…]

June 2016: Nobo Heating – The All New Scandinavian Heaters of Choice In the heart of winter we’ve gone above and beyond to build and grow our range of heaters In-store and Online at Universal Fans. It’s time to announce a highly anticipated brand which is a European leader in heating technology.[Read More…]

May 2016: New Ceiling Fans by Ventair – The Lotus DC and Ashton – Universal Fans have released cutting-edge ceiling fans by Ventair – The Lotus DC and The Ashton. Incorporating the latest technology, the ceiling fans are modern in design, of a quality make and integrate state-of-the-art functionality.[Read More…]

March 2016: The Unanswered Questions Behind Outdoor Ceiling Fans – In the heart of BBQ season in Australia, you will find most people outside on the patio, porch or alfresco area. But with the hot summer weather, how do we stay cool outside? The answer is a ceiling fan – they provide a nice, cool breeze and also keep the flies and mosquito’s away, everything you need to make sitting outside that much more enjoyable![Read More…]